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'Let me bang bro!': Where is TUF's Julian Lane now?

Julian 'Hell Boy' Lane knows what it's like to have your most embarrassing moment go viral.

In 2012, the now Bare Knuckle FC fighter gained infamy for his sensational meltdown on The Ultimate Fighter.

It's one of the show's most iconic moments. Never had viewers seen someone — in the space of a few minutes — proceed through such a wildly-shifting roller-coaster of emotions.

Lane went from screaming uncontrollably and banging his head against a wall. To whimpering in the arms of a consoling teammate. Before becoming enraged again and viciously punching the same wall he had earlier headbutted.

Throughout the ordeal, the message which the red-mohawked and faux-tribal tattoo decorated UFC hopeful wished to convey was clear — 'Let me bang bro!'

If you haven't seen the video of the incident — which has over 2.5 million views — I highly recommend watching it below. It could be the most enjoyable few minutes of TV you'll ever see.

The story behind the 'Let me bang bro' incident

Lane opened up about his alcohol-fuelled outburst, and reveals the chain of events leading up to it, in a 2020 interview with the UFC

It all started in episode four — 'You can't fix stupid' — where 'Hell Boy' lost his opening bout, and was thus eliminated from the show.

His chances of landing a six-figure UFC contract dashed, Lane claims fellow contestant Matt Secor began antagonising him, calling him amongst other things 'not smart'.

What wasn't televised — and that Lane understandably claims to justify his confrontational reaction — is what Secor did next.

"He cupped a fart and threw it in my face," Lane told UFC.com.
"He did that disrespectful s*** and I did what anybody else would probably do."

In a separate incident three episodes later, Lane turned his ire onto another housemate, as shown in the video above. Efforts to restrain him were met with 'Hell Boy' loudly voicing his 'Let me bang bro' imperative.

The incident culminated in possibly the most heartfelt moment between two shirtless men in TV history, as Lane — with tears welling up in his eyes — fell into the consoling embrace of a teammate, who comforted the then 25-year-old with promises of allowing him to 'bang.'

'Hell Boy' has since turned the most embarrassing moment of his life into a point of pride.

“It’s not like I’m ever going to hear the end of it. I just embrace it,” said Lane.

He's enthusiastically adopted 'Let me bang bro' as his catchphrase, proudly declaring it across his Twitter and Instagram, where followers can also find passionate support for Trump, COVID-19 skepticism, and New Year's well-wishes wherein Lane warns fight fans as to the creeping threat of communism.

Getting a chance to 'bang again' on The Ultimate Fighter

For 'Hell Boy', his televised meltdown turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

He rode his 'Let me bang bro' fame to a second appearance on The Ultimate Fighter in 2017, where he was again eliminated early.

He did, however, create another memorable moment. Notably, by pegging a water bottle — whilst in hot tub — at a group of his housemates, instigating a house-wide brawl.

Julian Lane's life after The Ultimate Fighter

Since The Ultimate Fighter, Lane's fight career has been a mix of ups and downs.

He made a half-decent run on the semi-professional MMA circuit, the highlight of which was a 2013 unanimous decision loss to current UFC lightweight contender and colour commentator, Paul Felder.

The 33-year-old's last MMA bout was in 2018, and his record currently stands at 12-9

That year, TMZ sensationally reported that 'Hell Boy' had been charged with driving under the influence and possession of marijuana.

Police on the scene reported Lane was 'lethargic and slurring his speech,' and noted several beer cans and weed in his car. 'Hell Boy' later had his charges reduced, but was still sentenced to 30 days' jail.

"...TMZ caught my dumbass slippin," said Lane of the incident, via an Instagram post featuring his mugshot.

Lane has since bounced back, having traded in his four-ounce gloves to forge a promising career in the Bare Knuckle FC.

In 2019, he was crowned a BKFC divisional champion. He later lost the title, but is still actively competing in the franchise. Most recently, main-eventing BKFC 12, where he lost via split decision.

Below: Julian Lane happily eats a knee to the face

A self-made fighter with lofty dreams

Admirably, 'Hell Boy' is a completely self-managed fighter who single-handedly books all his fights and manages his own training camps.

I’ve booked all my fights my whole career. Every single fight that I’ve had," Lane told UFC.com

With the same intensity with which he expressed his desire to bang on The Ultimate Fighter, 'Hell Boy' dreams of one day competing in the UFC.

He described his star appeal to UFC.com thusly:

"I’m a draw, bro. Everybody wants to see that ********* with the mohawk, Julian Lane. I’m not the guy that’s going to break for nobody."
"I’m the guy that shows up and puts on a show."

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